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Geneva 2011: Sportec SPR1 FL

Swiss tuner Sportec is well prepared for the Geneva Motor Show. The Sportec SPR1 FL is a direct successor to the SPR1 R presented...

Official: Sportec SPR1 FL

Sportec has added a new chapter to the SPR1 story named the SPR1 FL. A decent amount of upgrades have been added to the...

Geneva 2010: Sportec SPR1 R

We already showed the first photos of the new Sportec SPR1 R a few days ago, but just photos don't do justice to the...

Geneva 2010: Sportec SPR1 R

One of the fastest cars at the Geneva Motor Show this year is the improved Sportec SPR1, this SPR1 R is even faster than...

Sportec Factory Visit

Factory visits get discussed every once in a while. This time we visited Sportec in Switzerland and local dealership Jero Design. The Swiss-based company...