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Bentley Continental GT Goes Off-Piste in Gstaad

Video: Bentley Continental GT Goes Off-Piste in Gstaad

Bentley released two videos, one showing the Skijoring world champion Franco Moro skiing behind the Bentley Continental GT. The second shows the Bentley Continental...

Audi Carbon Ski Concept Developed Together with Head

The Audi Carbon Ski concept is a new piece of sports equipment made of carbon. The concept study was designed and developed at the...

Overkill: LP640 with Ski Rack

Perhaps this isn't overkill, but we've certainly never seen an LP640 with a roof rack before! Professional Freestyle Skier Jon Olsson recently upgraded his...

Video: Audi S4 vs Skiër

Audi is known for it's perfect 4-wheel drive systems and the more they can show this to the world the more they will do....