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Video: Suzuki Gets a Bonneville Speed Record

With a two-way average speed of 203.720mph, the silver Suzuki Kizashi sedan driven by Road & Track editor Sam Mitani stormed its way into the record...

Twin Turbo Ferrari Enzo at Bonneville Speed Week

The Twin Turbo Ferrari Enzo pictured in this story will make its official debut at the Bonneville Speed Week this week. The salt flats...

Video Of The Day: Porsche 911 GT3 RS on Salt Flats

Luxury4play forum member, Fred, recently entered the GoldRush Rally in his 997 GT3 RS. Following our photo of the day, we can show a...

Photo Of The Day: GoldRush Porsche GT3RS MkII

Midweek and we did not have a photo of the day yet. The picture above, wherefrom you can get a high-res version by clicking...