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Video RRR's Bugatti Veyron & Mercedes-Benz G55 by Lorinser

Video: RRR’s Bugatti Veyron & Mercedes-Benz G55 by Lorinser

YouTube member Fipeux spotted this lineup of RRR cars in Cannes last summer. Next to the Orange/Black Bugatti Veyron you will see the Mercedes-Benz...

Video: RRR’s Maybach 57S & Mercedes-Benz G55 by Lorinser

The last video of 2011 made by Alexsmolik features RRR's black/orange Maybach 57S and his Mercedes-Benz G55 by Lorinser spotted in Paris, France. RRR stands...

Video: RRR Ferrari FF and Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG in London

True petrolheads will know the person behind the RRR signature and his collection with Orange/Black trimmed cars. RRR stands for Rich In Real Estate...

Spotted: New RRR LP670-4 SV

Remember the orange and black cars that used to get spotted in Europe during the summer months? The Veyron and the Bentley Continental Flying...