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Overkill: Bugatti Veyron Replica

For almost every super car there is a replica. We have seen wannabes of an Aston Martin XK8, a Gumpert Apollo MR2 and even...

Overkill: Ferrari Replicas

Overkill is often very subjective and a matter of taste. There is one category though that any supercar enthusiast should see as a definite...

Overkill: Toyota MR2-based Lamborghini LP670-4 SV Replica

We've got a fine overkill for you today. Built on a donor MR2 Toyota chassis, this Lamborghini replica definitely deserves the overkill tag. It's...

For Sale: Replica Maybach Exelero

The idea of the Maybach Exelero project was that there would only ever be one car designed for Fulda Tires as a homage. As...

Overkill: Lamborghini Reventon ‘Replica’

If you can't afford a Lamborghini Reventon, what's the next best thing? Obviously not this abomination build by Super Replicas. On the companies website...