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Porsche Detunes Boxster and Cayman in Norway

According to BilNorge, Norwegian importer for Porsche cars, Autozentrum Sport AS, has decreased the output of the Boxster and Cayman models. In case of...

Road Test: Sportec Cayman SP 380

The Cayman is known as the member of the Porsche family that bridges the gap between the Boxster S and the 911 Carrera. To...

Porsche Cayman CS

We believe that everybody can find his taste in the Cayman range after Porsche announced that they will produce a Cayman Clubsport, shortly CS....

Porsche Boxster S Design Edition 2 and Cayman S Sport

It seems like Porsche is just one day too late with the news about there upgraded engines in the Boxster S and Cayman S....

Porsche Cayman S by Inden Design

The compact but fast Porsche Cayman S is very nice to own. On the other side of view the car doens't reach the...