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For Sale: Crashed 2004 Porsche Carrera GT

Our latest finding in the world of car sales is this Porsche Carerra GT, which crashed into the barrier of the A20 motorway near...

Car Crash: Porsche Carrera GT

And another one bites the dust! Today this Porsche Carrera GT spun and crashed into the barrier of the A20 motorway near Rotterdam, The...

Car Crash: Yellow Porsche Carrera GT in the Middle East

We do not have any information or news, but if you look closely at the video below it seems that a Porsche Carrera GT...

Porsche Carrera GT Crashed in Marbella

Again the Porsche Carrera GT proved itself as an extremely tricky car to drive. In Marbella a Porsche driver lost control and crashed his...