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Porsche Panamera Police car Captured in Australia

Porsche Panamera Police car Captured in Australia

In a country where locally-produced Holden Commodore’s and Ford Falcon’s roam the streets as the only police cars, spotting an imported police interceptor in...

Car Crash: Czech Police Car in Head-On Collision

The following video shows you an onboard video footage of a Czech police car. Both officers inside the car (Skoda?) suffer an heavy traffic...

Official: Lotus Evora S Police Car for Arma Dei Carabinieri

The Italian military police has new transportation, two bespoke Lotus Evora S cars. The Arma dei Carabinieri units in Rome and Milan will use...

Mercedes CLS63 AMG Patrol Car at Fashion Week in New York

Stylesetters or fashionates with fresh, creative looks living in New York be aware of this Mercedes CLS63 AMG patrol car, which will be used...