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BMW M3 Track Project from Montreal

A private tuning company in Montreal has finally finished a five month project; making an E46 BMW M3 into a track ready monster. This...

Supercars in Montreal by Guillaume Boily

Usually this time of the year the city of Montreal is covered in snow and most sports- and supercars have been tucked away in...

Supercar Photo Shoot in Montreal

We've just receive a few shots from Montreal, Canada. The photos are taken at a house on the outskirts of Montreal, Canada. The cars...

Drag Racing Event in Montreal Canada

In the Montreal region of Canada, they are currently being blessed with above average temperatures. Normally at this time of year, it should be...

Car Crash: Ferrari F430 Spider in Montreal

We received photos of this wrecked Ferrari F430 Spider this morning from Montreal, Canada. The driver of the red Ferrari was clipped by a...