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Upgraded Wiesmann MF4 and MF5 Debut at Geneva 2011

Wiesmann is planning the release of an engine upgrade for the MF4 and MF5 line-up. The ultimate sports cars are based on previous models,...

Wiesmann Introduces BMW’s Twin-Turbo V8 in MF4 and MF5 Series

Motor replacement at the Dülmen sports car manufactory. Wiesmann will be banking on BMW twin turbo technology for their model series MF4 and MF5....

Photo Of The Day: Wiesmann Gallery

Forum member Chris Wevers created today's photo of the day. His gallery of pictures showcases a visit to the headquarter and factory of Wiesmann...

Geneva: Wiesmann Roadster MF4

All eyes of the automobile world were pointed on Geneva. Those eyes spotted a new member within the Wiesmann family; the Wiesmann Roadster MF4....