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Car Crash: Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale Totaled in Qatar

A Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale has crashed in Qatar yesterday evening. According to Roni Babu, who made these pictures of the damaged car, the...
McLaren MP4-12C Crash

Car Crash: Multiple Sports Cars Crash on Same Stretch of Autobahn

Saturday must have been one of the worst days for petrol heads in the region of Kirchheim, Germany. In just a few hours a...

Maserati Crashes into SUV and Classic Porsche

A remarkable incident occurred ‒ involving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mini, Maserati GranTurismo and a classic Porsche 356 Speedster ‒ last night outside the...
Car Crash Bus Hits Opened Door Maserati GranTurismo in Poland

Car Crash: Bus Hits Opened Door Maserati GranTurismo in Poland

The following crash happened in Poland during the filming of a TV-program called "Zakup Kontrolowany". The guest in the program was Margaret Socha, a...

Car Crash: 10-year-old Crashes Dad’s Maserati in Hong Kong

A 10-year-old American boy has been arrested in Hong Kong after taking his dad’s Maserati for a joyride and crashing it. He took the...
Car Crash Maserati Gransport Wrecked in Dominican Republic

Maserati Gransport Wrecked in Dominican Republic

Last week an owner of a Ferrari 458 Italia wrecked his sports car on the Caribbean island of Dominican Republic. Today we can show...