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Aston Martin Gearbox

Column: Death of the Manual Transmission

I remember thinking to myself in the mid-2000s, that automated manuals are going to become the future. It’s inevitable. As technology advances, machines are...

Report: Jaguar Revives Manual Transmission in F-Type

“Sports cars need a manual transmission for sports credibility,” says Adrian Hallmark, global brand director for Jaguar. And having just announced their newest sporty...
Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type Available with Manual Transmission Option

The new Jaguar F-Type is heading our way and when it launches next spring it will be available with an eight-speed automatic followed by...
Video 2012 BMW M6 Coupe and M6 Convertible

Manual Transmission Available in US Spec BMW M6

News filtering through from US magazine, Car and Driver, suggest that the 2013 BMW F12M M6 will be offered with a manual transmission in...

Ferrari California Manual Transmission

Leaked documents have recently confirmed that the California will get a manual gearbox. The downsides? Well, there is plenty. Whilst purists will agree that...