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Video Car Driver Test Manual Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2

Video: Car & Driver Test Manual Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2

In the latest episode of Car & Driver abroad, Jethro Bovingdon was lucky enough to be flown to Italy to take one final spin...

No Manual Transmission for Next BMW M5 and M6

BMW M's head of engineering, Albert Biermann, has declared this week to InsideLine.com that the next-generation BMW M5 and M6 will not be available...
2013 BMW F10M M5 manual gearbox

2013 BMW F10M M5 with Six-speed Manual Gearbox – US Only

BMW has officially confirmed today at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show that it will offer a six-speed manual transmission for the upcoming 2013 BMW...

Audi Drops Manual Gearboxes for S4 & S5 in Europe

Manual transmissions are becoming more and more rare these days since more and more buyers of new supercars or sports cars choose the automatic...

Lamborghini with Manual Gearbox Dying Breed

The manual transmission has an end of life with respect to the several sports car brands. More and more buyers of new supercars or...

Ferrari California Manual Transmission

Leaked documents have recently confirmed that the California will get a manual gearbox. The downsides? Well, there is plenty. Whilst purists will agree that...