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Overkill: Lumma Design CLR 500 RS

This Lumma Design M5 was spotted in Dubai outside the Dubai Mall. Whilst on first glance it may not seem a clear-cut overkill, looking...

Lumma Design CLR X650 M

Most of us have seen Lumma's attempt at the BMW X6, the CLR X650 GT. Lumma have extended their range to cover the newly...

2010 Lumma Design TopCar BMW 5 Series

Russian tuner TopCar and Lumma Design from Germany have presented their first joint project for the 2010 BMW 5 Series. TopCar Moscow is now...

Lumma Panamera CLR 700GT

Tuned Porsches are a part of our daily story. Panamera tuning is just a next chapter. Lumma Design isn't the first one to create...

Lumma E50 CLR

Based on the recently released Mercedes-Benz W212 E-Class, the Lumma E50 CLR looks less brutal than the companies previous CLR branded tuning kits. Both...