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SEMA 2011: Lingenfelter Twin-Turbo Camaro SS

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering showcased their Twin-Turbo Camaro SS at the SEMA 2011 carshow in Las Vegas, US. The twin-turbocharged sports car has a 427...

Video: Testing World’s Fastest Chevrolet Camaro

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is an American high performance tuner offering engine packages and accessories for General Motors vehicles. The company was founded by and...

Video: Lingenfelter Camaro Quarter Mile Sprint

Next to dyno runs the best way to test the performance of your sports car is doing a quarter mile run. Lingenfelter has created...

Video: 2010 Camaro SS by Lingenfelter Performance

Below you will find a video of a 2010 Camaro SS tuned by Lingenfelter Performance. The vehicle placed on the rolling road got a...

Lingenfelter 2010 Camaro SS

Lingenfelter, famed for their huge horsepower Corvettes, have turned their attention to the 2010 Camaro SS. We've seen what other companies such as Hennessey...