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Lexus IS-F Circuit Club Sport Concept

Lexus has shown its latest concept model live at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The Lexus IS F CCS (Circuit Club Sport) features a contrasting...

Lexus IS C F-Sport

The Lexus IS-F is probably the best sportscar Lexus ever produced, so far. Lexus made a new F-Sport Performance Accessories package available for it's...

SEMA ’09: Fox Marketing Lexus IS TT Convertible

Each November, the SEMA Autoshow takes place in Las Vegas, USA. This is the show where all American tuners want to show the best...

Fox Marketing / Artisan Lexus IS-F

Some people say that that Lexus IS-F looks far more powerfull than it actually is. Maybe that was the reason for Fox Marketing/Artisan...

Lexus IS-F by Wald International

Untill today there were no Lexus' IS-F spotted in the wild. But that doesn't mean that tuners aren't paying attention for this car....