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Geneva 2010: NLV Quant Concept

Last year Koenigsegg displayed a new 4-seater electrical car concept, this year the Quant is back this time at the stand of NLV Solar,...

Geneva 2010: Quant Concept returns without Koenigsegg

Remember the Quant concept Koenigsegg displayed at last years Geneva Auto Salon? Well it is back this year, this time however, Koenigsegg won't be...

Geneva: Koenigsegg Quant

The Koenigsegg Quant has just been released at the Geneva Motor Show. Koenigsegg has developed the Quant together with NLV Solar and their aim...

Photo Of The Day: Koenigsegg Factory

With today's news of the new Koenigsegg Quant we thought we'd bring you a picture of the Swedish companies workshop. Theres no less than...

Koenigsegg Quant

Koenigsegg are set to show a new concept at the 2009 Geneva Auto Salon. There keeping very quiet about the details until the official...