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Joss Supercar Revealed

Australian supercar manufacturer Joss Development Limited has released a new rendering of their upcoming supercar. The Joss JP1 will be unveiled at the 2011...

Australian Supercar Joss JB1 to Debut in July

The Joss JP1 is an Australian supercar project which started back in 2004. Last June, Joss Development announced that the Australian JP1 supercar would...

Joss Supercar Teaser Released

Australia is not really the first place that springs to our minds when the conversation turns to exclusive supercars. Joss are hoping to change...

Australian Joss JP1 on Sale in 2011

Joss Development has announced that the Australian JP1 supercar is almost ready and sales will start in 2011. Development started back in 2004, but...

Joss Supercar Official Launch in August

Australia's Joss Developments Limited has announced they will officially unveil their new supercar in August. The new supercar features a V8 engine with at...