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Car Crash: Audi R8 Spyder Crashes in Johannessburg

Car Crash: Audi R8 V10 Spyder Crashes in Johannessburg

Two men have died, including one police officer, when an Audi R8 Spyder was recently crashed in Johannesburg. The driver of the vehicle was having...
Ratty Koenigsegg CCXR in Johannesburg

Ratty Koenigsegg CCXR Spotted on the Roads of Johannesburg

Our friends over at Zero2Turbo recently spotted something very unexpected on the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. It appears that someone crashed a Koenigsegg...
SEFAC Ferrari Day 2012 in Johannesburg

SEFAC Ferrari Day 2012 in Johannesburg

This past weekend the annual SEFAC (Southern Equatorial Ferrari Automobile Club) Ferrari Day was held in Johannesburg. Local reporter Divyesh Dajee send us a...

Lamborghini Opens Two New Dealers in South Africa

Automobili Lamborghini officially opened two new dealerships in South Africa, one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town, in the presence of Lamborghini President...

Uwe Gemballa Killer Arrested and Sentenced to 20 years

The Times Live reports that the murderer of Uwe Gemballa has been arrested, convicted and sentenced to twenty years in prison in a mere...

Update: Uwe Gemballa Kidnapped in Johannesburg

Three days ago we reported about the disappearance of Uwe Gemballa, founder of the famous tuning company in Germany. Last few days we've heard...

Uwe Gemballa reported missing in South Africa

Bad news reached us yesterday, Uwe Gemballa, founder and owner of the well-known tuning company from Germany has been reported missing. On the 8th...