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Tuned BMW M5 F10M and E92 M3 by IND Tuning

IND Tuning finished on a BMW duo project based on a BMW F10M M5 and a BMW E92 M3 both belonging to a customer...

IND 2012 BMW M5 F10M with Eisenmann Exhaust

IND Tuning has been active with the BMW M5 F10 having showed us several programs based on it including the latest one they presented...

Burn The Clock – BMW M3 Build by IND Tuning

IND took the opportunity recently to give fans over at M5Board the chance to see the huge amounts of work that go into the...

One-off M3 Sedan by IND

American tuner IND has created an one-off package for the BMW M3 sedan. Some might think it is a test, but it is not....