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Hamann Motorsport 2013 Calender Revealed

German tuning company Hamann revealed their 2013 calender recently. The promotional images focus on their BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe package and the stunning McLaren...

Official: Hamann F12 6 Series Convertible

Hamann has released the official details of their customization options for the latest generation BMW 6 Series Convertible. To some of you this car...

In Memoriam: Richard Hamann

Today we received the sad news that Richard Hamann, founder of Hamann Motorsport, passed away at the age of 53. Richard Hamann passed away...

Dealer Visit: Hamann Motorsport Middle East

Dealer visits around the world give you a great view of how tuning styles differ, customer needs are being addressed and unique projects find...

Hamann Motorsport Factory Visit

Visiting tuning companies in Germany means also visiting Hamann Motorsport based in Laupheim in the South of Germany. Founded by Richard Hamann in 1986,...