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Monaco 2012: GTA Spano Ride

Our third video from Monaco comes from GTA Motors and the GTA Spano! One of the best aspects of the show is that customers...
Geneva 2012 GTA Spano

Geneva 2012: GTA Spano

The Geneva Motor Show 2012 sees the release of several supercars. One of those is the GTA Spano, presented for the first time in...

Geneva 2011: GTA Spano

This years Geneva Motor Show included a showcase of the GTA Spano. A red version of the Spanish sports car was placed on the...

GTA Spano Makes Its Debut at Geneva 2011

This year’s 81st edition of the International Geneva Motor Show will include the participation of GTA Spano, which will make its debut in this...

Arash, PGO, PPI Design, Savage and GTA Motors at Top Marques Monaco 2011

The list of participants for the Top Marques Monaco 2011 is growing rapidly. The first three brands we revealed where Gemballa, Conquest Vehicles and...

Monaco 2010: GTA Spano

The Spanish car maker GTA Motors has displayed its Spano at Top Marques Monaco 2010. It is the first time the sports car is...