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Video: GoldRush Rally 4 First Official Trailer

This is the first official trailer of the GoldRush Rally 4. The video was released yesterday ahead of the official video showing all the...
GoldRush Rally 4 - Photo Review by Auto Focus Photography

GoldRush Rally 4 – Photo Review by Auto Focus Photography

GoldRush Rally 4 came to a successful close on June 16th. We've now got a set of photos to share with you from the...

GoldRush Rally 4 Pre-Rally Setup and Registration

The first set of official GoldRush Rally 4 pictures hit our mailbox this morning, allowing us to share with you a unique perspective from...

GoldRush Rally 4 Registration by David Coyne

We've got a second set of photos from GoldRush Rally 4 to share with you, this time from David Coyne Photography. GoldRush Rally 4...

Your Essential Guide to GoldRush Rally 4 – Rise Against the Sun

GoldRush Rally is back for the 2012 season. The event kicks off this Saturday, 9th June, so we thought we'd issue you with an...

GR4 Dates & Route to be Announced December 19th

After the success of the first, second and third edition it isn’t a big surprise that the organisers of the GoldRush Rally are preparing...