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G-Power “Wide-Body” Typhoon X5 M

Here at GTSpirit we are huge fans of the Typhoon Black Pearl kit that G-Power presented last year for the X5. We are therefore...

G-Power Typhoon Black Pearl

Want a X5 with a larger engine and greater peformance than the current X5M? (or even the new G-Power tuned version!) If the answer...

G-Power X6M Typhoon

The second part of the Typhoon program has been applied to the X6M, mostly to the same effect as the X5M. Again there's 600bhp...

G-Power Typhoon X5M

G-Power is one of our favourite tuners. Whenever they present something you can generally count on it being top class, very powerful and pretty...

G-Power Typhoon X5

For those who can't wait to get their hands on a X5M can now knock G-Power's door. They have created a kit for the...