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Video: Behind the Stunts of Furious 7

On the back of Furious 7 launching worldwide, a rather incredible video going behind the scenes of some of the craziest stunts has been...

Video: Lykan Hypersport From Fast and Furious 7

In just a few short days, Furious 7 will hit cinemas around the world. Before that happens however, a new featurette from the film...
Furious 7

Video: Furious 7 Extended Trailer Revealed

Just after the second trailer for Furious 7 was released during Super Bowl XLIX, the full second trailer for the upcoming action flick, running...
Furious 7

Video: New Furious 7 Trailer Debuts at Super Bowl XLIX

A brand new trailer for Furious 7 has just been released before the seventh instalment in the Fast and Furious hits cinemas on April...
Furious 7

Video: Brief Furious 7 Teaser Revealed Before Super Bowl XLIX

An ultra-brief clip of the latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, Furious 7, has been released ahead of a new trailer reportedly...

Video: First Furious 7 Trailer Released!

The first official trailer for the seventh instalment of the Fast & Furious series dubbed Furious 7, has just been released before it hits...

Fast and Furious 7 Teased; First Trailer Coming November 1

On November 1st, the first trailer for the latest Fast & Furious film, dubbed ‘Furious 7’, will be released and steamed live. Prior to...