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Video: The World’s Greatest Drag Race

Drag racing could be fun, especially with eleven supercars featuring a combined 82 cylinders, nearly 5,000 horsepower and a total price tag of $...

Video: Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laps Laguna Seca

MotorTrend has hit the Laguna Seca racing track with Ford's track ready beast, the Mustang Boss 302. The all-American sports car is based on...

Video: Mustang Boss 302

Here are the videos that show the Mustang Boss 302 in action at Laguna Seca. For more details on the car see our previous...

Official: Mustang Boss 302

The Boss Mustang is back! Today it was announced that Ford will offer a Boss 302 Mustang once again. The original model is now...