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Tour de France Blue Ferrari FXX K side view

Unique Tour de France Blue Ferrari FXX K Snapped!

Ferrari’s “XX Project” includes track-legal prototypes that are produced in limited numbers and maintained by the Italian automaker. Owners have to pay a premium...

Video: Ferrari 599XX vs FXXK vs FXX Rev Off!

During the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015, Ferrari brought out the FXX K, FXX and 599XX for their first ever public outing together....
Ferrari FXX, FXXK and 599XX at Goodwood

Video: Ferrari FXX K, FXX and 599XX Scream at Goodwood

At last weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015, the three models as part of Ferrari’s XX programme, the brand new FXX K, 599XX and...
Ferrari FXX K for sale in Dubai

Dubai Dealer Offering Ferrari FXX K For Sale

Dubai exotic car dealership Al Ameer Motors currently has an insane Ferrari FXX K up for sale for a casual 3.6 million euros. As...

Video: Sebastian Vettel Drives the Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari has released a new video of Sebastian Vettel piloting the Ferrari FXX K and answering questions from fans. Ferrari proudly signed the four-time...