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British Golfer Ian Poulter Owns All Five Ferrari Halo Cars

English golfer Ian Poulter has revealed just how much of a Ferrari enthusiast he is after sharing an image of the five halo Ferrari...

Ferrari F40 Auctions For $1.23 Million

A 1992 Ferrari F40 has just sold for the equivalent of $1.23 million at a German auction hosted by Coys. The auction house claims...

Video: Truck Carrying All Five Ferrari Halo Supercars!

Seeing one of Ferrari’s incredible halo supercars is really something to savour. Seeing all five together, in a single truck however, is simply mindboggling...
Up close with the Ferrari F40 Barchetta Beurlys

Video: Up Close With Ferrari F40 Barchetta Beurlys

Back in April, we brought you the incredible video of the bespoke Ferrari F40 Barchetta Beurlys hitting the track. Now a new video of...
Matte Green Ferrari F40

Matte Green Ferrari F40 in San Francisco

Of the 1311 examples of the Ferrari F40 ever produced, the vast majority are painted in red. In fact, there are just a handful...
Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari F40 drift

Video: 18-Year-Old Powerslides Ferrari F40 and Enzo

What better way to show off your insane wealth than by drifting a Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari F40 on your perfectly manicured lawns? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGXnVW4urXg The...
Ferrari F40 LM For sale in Japan

Exceptional Japanese Ferrari F40 LM For Sale

With just 1311 examples produced, the road-going Ferrari F40 is an exceptionally rare beast. However, it is the race-oriented F40 LM which is even...
Maserati MC12 Corsa

ZR Auto at Driven 2015 in Calgary

The Driven auto show just wrapped in Calgary, Canada, and had one of the most incredible displays of aftermarket cars we've ever seen. An...
Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari LaFerrari

Video: Ferrari Hypercars Hit Fiorano

A Ferrari halo supercar only comes around every 10 years or so. As a result, each and every one is exceptionally noteworthy for a...

Video: Ferrari F40 Does Burnout in Monaco!

As you’re probably aware, Top Marques Monaco 2015 is currently underway. While the show itself always brings with it numerous impressive cars, the real...