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Silver Chrome Ferrari F12 TRS Emerges in Rome

Silver Chrome Ferrari F12 TRS Snapped in Rome

More pictures of the silver chrome Ferrari F12 TRS spotted at the ongoing 2015 Ferrari Cavalcade festival in Rome, Italy, have emerged. The F12...
Third Ferrari F12 TRS debuts front

Unique Silver Ferrari F12 TRS Debuts

Images have just surfaced of the third Ferrari F12 TRS. This particular example is painted in a bright shade of silver and is currently...
Ferrari F12 TRS

Video: Rare Ferrari F12 TRS Revs!

Initially commissioned as a one-off, the Ferrari F12 TRS is speculated to have cost $4.5 million. As it stands, we know of two examples...
Alpine Vision GT Showcased at Festival Automobile Internation

Alpine Vision GT Showcased at Festival Automobile Internation

The recently revealed Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Concept is currently celebrating its world debut at the Festival Automobile International in Paris. Alpine’s unique contribution...
Black Ferrari F12 TRS

Black Ferrari F12 TRS Spied at Circuito Monteblanco Spain

Ever since the Ferrari F12 TRS emerged in the middle of the year, it was reasonably assumed to be a one-off. At a recent...
Video: Driving Behind One-off Ferrari F12 TRS

Video: Driving Behind One-off Ferrari F12 TRS

The one-off Ferrari F12 TRS is arguably the most impressive and eye-catching bespoke Ferrari created since the glory days of coach building. With a...

Ferrari F12 TRS Launches at Ferrari Cavalcade 2014

During the Ferrari Cavalcade 2014, Ferrari has unveiled a new model, the Ferrari F12 TRS, a car that is designed and built upon the...
Ferrari F12 TRS Leaked Photos

One-off Ferrari F12 TRS Unveiled in Leaked Photos

Two photos have been leaked which apparently show a brand new one-off Ferrari; the Ferrari F12 TRS. The photos appear to have been taken...