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Future Ferrari Line-up Revealed

The Italian supercar manufacturer has revealed that it will produce six new models before 2013. The plans are part of Fiat's restructuring plans announced...

Ferrari CEO Confirms Enzo Successor, F599 GTO & F458 Spider

News or rumours about Ferrari pops up ones in a while. This time it's Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa who discussed future developments regarding the...

Enzo Successor F70/FX70 Gets V8?

If we believe Cars UK then the Ferrari Enzo Successor - named F70 or FX70 - will get a V8 instead of a V12...

Ferrari F70 Said to be Enzo Successor

There will be a moment that Ferrari will show its successor for the Enzo. The Ferrari F70 - said to be the new ultimate...

Ferrari’s CEO Sheds Light on Future Models

As some of you may know the ageing Ferrari line-up needs an update. The Ferrari 458 Italia is the first car in a line-up...