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Ferrari Challenge and EuroV8Series

Gallery: Ferrari Challenge and EuroV8Series

The EuroV8 Series is a predominantly Italian motorsport series which features V8-powered race cars from a variety of manufacturers battling it out head to...
Ferrari 458 Challenge Crash

Video: Massive Ferrari 458 Challenge Crash at Suzuka Circuit Japan

A Ferrari 458 Challenge crashed terribly at the Suzuka Circuit during the second race of the Challenge series at the Ferrari Racing Days on...
Video How Many Ferraris Can You Count?

Video: How Many Ferraris Can You Count?

The following video was shot at the Lime Rock Park for the Ferrari Challenge over the summer by YouTube member Hockonvict. How many Ferraris...

Video: Happening Della Solidarietà – Onboard a F430 Challenge

The Imola Circuit was host to an event called "Happening Della Solidarietà" at the end of October last year. The event was organised to...

Video: Ferrari 458 Challenge Testing at Monza

The 458 is probably one the best Ferrari's in the current line up. Everything, except the spontaneous combustion problem, is perfect about it. One...