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Lawyer Abandons Ferrari California in Flood

Last week in Toronto, rain was prominent which caused a large amount of flooding in the city and some surrounding areas which turned out...

Overkill: Ferrari California Replica Based on Lexus SC430

You are apparently looking at the world’s first folding hardtop replica, created by kit car buider M16 from the UK. According to Carscoops who...
Ferrari California Crash

Car Crash: NHL Star Jakub Voráček Crashes Ferrari California in Czech Republic

This week alone has had more than enough accidents; the latest one involves a Ferrari California which crashed in the town of Kladno Braškov,...
Ferrari California by Revozport

Official: Revozport Ferrari California

We showed you a Ferrari F12 by Revozport but alongside that release, there was also a Ferrari California treated to the same aerodynamic parts...
Ferrari California Riding on Modulare B30 21/22" Tinted Wheels

Ferrari California Riding on Modulare B30 21/22″ Tinted Wheels

Modulare Wheels have done it again this time fitting a set of their Modulare B30 monoblock aftermarket wheels to a blacked out Ferrari California. The...
Was That Mystery Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Mule in Fact the 2015 Ferrari California?

Was That Mystery Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Mule in Fact the 2015 Ferrari California?

Remember the mysterious Ferrari F12 Berlinetta spied testing a couple of weeks ago? Well, according to the latest rumors, that car could have in...
Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Purchases Ferrari California

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Purchases Ferrari California

Jersey Shore ‘star’, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino has just purchased a black-on-black Ferrari Calfornia and even though his funds may have seem to have...
New Orleans Saints Sedrick Ellis Gets a Ferrari California

New Orleans Saints Sedrick Ellis Gets a Ferrari California

Defensive tackle for the New Orleans Saints Sedrick Ellis has bought himself a new toy, a white Ferrari California. The NFL player then took...
TunerWorks Tinkers With Ferrari California Thanks to Novitec Rosso

Tunerworks Novitec Rosso Ferrari California

The team at Tunerworks recently completed work on the following Ferrari California by fitting it with a selection of performance and visual upgrades courtesy...
Supercars Exhaust Sounds Compilation

Video: Supercars Exhaust Sounds Compilation

YouTube user RacingEngineV8 has compiled a video collection consisting of supercars and their exhaust sounds. Showing off the various custom exhausts for supercars in...