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Video: How Not to Tow a Bentley Continental GT

Superstorm Sandy has destroyed a lot on the East-coast of the United States. Last week we reported that around 15,000 cars were destroyed in...

Take Your Bentley on the Beach FAIL

Some people want to get closer to the sea, but do not like to walk a few hunderd meters extra, so they take their...

Video: London Police Ferrari F430 Spider Impound FAIL

It is FAIL day today and Ferrari seems to be the star of the show in both videos today. This morning a Ferrari 458...

Video: Ferrari 458 Italia VS Dodge Viper Drag Race FAIL

A Ferrari 458 Italia vs Dodge Viper drag race took an interesting turn of events when the flag dropped. The Dodge Viper does a...

Accident: F430 Falls From Trailer

Recently we've been reading about the 458 Italia that Ferrari intend to sell from the start of next year. Ultimately the plan is for...