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Video: Orange FAB Design SLS AMG in London

After coming across a white FAB Design SLS AMG Gullstream in Paris just a few days ago, a bright orange Swiss-tuned SLS AMG showed...

Video: FAB Design SLS Gullstream in Paris

A Qatari FAB Design SLS Gullstream has been spotted in Paris. The 607hp Mercedes SLS AMG tuned by Swiss company FAB Design was first...

Official: FAB Design SLS Gullstream

FAB Design showed their version of the SLS AMG at the Geneva Motor Show back in March, covered in a light-blue colour. Shortly afterwards...

Geneva 2011: FAB Design SLS Widebody

Swiss tuner FAB Design has officially revealed the SLS Widebody at the Geneva Motor Show yesterday. The Mercedes SLS AMG is not new to the...