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Overkill: FAB Design SLR Desire at the Croisette in Cannes

GTspirit friend Igor Daleckis spotted this FAB Design SLR Desire in Cannes today. The FAB Design SLR features six exhausts and an attention grabbing...

Overkill: FAB Design SLR 722 S

FAB Design's attempt at modifying the SLR coupé didn't go down too well with you (or us) last time. It went straight into the...

FAB Design SLR “Desire”

We have reported a lot on FAB Design's attempt to modify the SLR recently. To start with we showed you some spyshots from after...

Overkill: FAB Design McLaren SLR

FAB Design have been receiving a lot of coverage recently, whether that's good or bad is largely up to your taste in luxury car...