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Overkill: Ferrari 360 Spider Manga Wrap

Japan can be a strange country when it comes to the subject of tuning. The land of the rising sun occupies extreme cars, but...

Overkill: ‘Hello Kitty’ Ferrari 360

It has been a little while since we gave you a fresh overkill. This one is definitely worthy of the tag. Spotted in Jakarta,...

Motori & Sapori 2010 – Ferrari & Maserati

The Italian supercar enthusiast is back from his winter sleep. The first event of 2010 is a big Italian supercar meeting that every year...

Car Crash: Ferrari 360 Goes Up in Flames

What is the worst feeling you can have as a supercar owner? Exactly, standing helplessly next to your precious supercar as it burns to...

Ferrari 360 by Premier4509

Whilst there may have been two replacements since the F360 was launched in 1999, Premier4509 have still found time for it in between designing...