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Caractere Exclusive Porsche Cayenne II

Official: Caractere Exclusive Porsche Cayenne II

Belgian tuner Caractere Exclusive has unveiled its latest project based on the second generation Porsche Cayenne model. The enhancement includes a substantial bodykit, a...

Porsche Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Exclusive

For the past 25 years Porsche has been offering the option Exclusive of individually tailoring a Porsche to create an personal unique vehicle. Virtually...

ENCO Exclusive BMW X6

ENCO Exclusive have just unveiled their latest project, based on the BMW X6. The car features a new bodykit as well as a fresh...

New Mercedes V12 In 2012 – To Power Aston Martin

We've just received news that Mercedes have given the green light for the development of a brand new V12 unit to power the S-Class....

MTM Spyker C8 Double12 S

Spyker is a car brand what we can easily call exclusive, but for German tuner MTM the C8 Double12 S wasn't exclusive enough yet...