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Essen Motor Show 2008 premieres, news, press releases, photos & videos.

Reiter Engineering Murcielago R-GT

Reiter engineering are famed mostly for their Lamborghini Murcielago and Gallardo race car variants. They surprised us somewhat at the Essen Motor show however...

Volkswagen Scirocco – the new tuning standard?

We all know that pimping and tuning our cars is a boys dream. A dream we probarly start with a nice German car like...

Essen motorshow 2008 girls

It is not all about nice and tuned cars at the Essen Motorshow. When there are hot cars there are usually car babes. After...

9ff GT9-R at Essen Motorshow 2008

Two weeks after the first image of the new 9ff flagship showed up, we got a chance to take a closer look at the...

Audi R8 LMS unveiled at Essen Motorshow 2008

As you all may know the Essen motorshow is all about tuning and pimping cars. Which isn't the complete deal. Car manufacturers like Volkswagen,...

Essen Motorshow 2008

Today is the official start of the Essen Motorshow 2008, the show for tuning and autosport fans. We visited Essen yesterday to bring you...