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Christian Bale Enzo Ferrari

Christian Bale Tipped to Play Enzo Ferrari in Latest Film

Earlier in the year, it emerged that Robert de Niro had been cast to play Enzo Ferrari in a new biopic about the influential...
Enzo Ferrari Biopic

Robert De Niro to Play Enzo Ferrari in New Biopic

Robert De Niro will be playing Enzo Ferrari in an upcoming high-budget movie chronicling the life of Ferrari's founder. The news, which was confirmed in...
Ford GT40

For Sale: Ford GT40 Race Car

The Ford GT40 is one of the most iconic cars of the 1960s. The American sports car was initially conceived with only one goal...
Enzo Ferrari Museum Opens Its Doors

Enzo Ferrari Museum Opens Its Doors

The new Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari has or Enzo Ferrari Museum has officially opened its doors on the tenth of March. Whereas the Ferrari...
Ferrari F40 Beurlys Barchetta

Remarkable Cars: Ferrari F40 Barchetta Beurlys

The Ferrari F40 is one of the most iconic cars ever made. Originally conceived a the successor to the Ferrari 288 GTO and to...
Ferrari F40

Legendary Cars: Ferrari F40

We would like to introduce a new series here on GTspirit called Legendary Cars. We look back at cars from yesteryear that changed the...
Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari Museum to Open in March

A new museum which honors the life and work of Enzo Ferrari will open its doors next March. The Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari is...

Video: Genesis of the Ferrari Brand

Every real Ferrari sports car or racer can be recognised by the logo of the prancing horse, the symbol, distinguishing Maranello's originals. Discover the...

For Sale: Ferrari’s Enzo Prototype

One of our eagle-eyed forum moderators discovered this Ferrari Enzo Prototype for sale. The car is apparently the only working test car for the...

Renders: Ferrari Enzo Successor

The entire automotive world probably knows about Ferrari's plans for an Enzo successor. It is uncertain if the new car will be called Enzo,...