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Green Monster That's Not Godzilla Switzer's 900hp Porsche F900

Green Monster That’s Not Godzilla: Switzer’s 900hp Porsche F900

This is only my third article here at GTspirit, but it's a good one. The short version is that it's an article about a...

Ferrari FF to Pack 875bhp on Bio-Ethanol?

Some stories are too good to be true, and most likely this is one of those. An unnamed Ferrari dealer apparently offers a conversion...

Switzer Performance 900hp Ethanol GTR

Tym Switzer’s Ohio-based Switzer Performance is back with a kit topping the massively-powerful P800 GTR. Godzilla got 900hp, an extra whopping 100hp! The...

Revenge Verde Supercar

When reading the name you focus immediately on the "green aspect" of the Revenge Verde Supercar. When looking at it we expect something completely...

Lazareth Wazuma Bio V12

Normally we don't report about motorcycles but this creation by the French company Lazareth is something crazy. This Wazuma was unveiled at Top Marques...

Spyshots: Bentley Continental Supersports

We've reported on the Bentley Continetal Supersports a couple of times before, firstly from the official details and secondly, from the official release at...