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Video: Hybrid Audi E-tron Spyder in California

A YouTube member named colterh came across the Audi E-tron Spyder during a photoshoot close to his residence somewhere in California, USA. He stated: At...

Red Audi E-tron Spyder at Design Miami

Audi has released a series of pictures showing us a red Audi E-tron Spyder, which was officially revealed in Silver at the Paris Motor...

Making of Audi E-tron Spyder

Revealed at the Paris Motor Show 2010 Audi has given us some inside information into the creation of the Audi E-tron Spyder. The series...

Video: Audi E-tron Spyder Official Footage

Audi has released two concepts at the Paris Motor Show last week. One of these concepts is the brand new Audi E-tron Spyder. The...

Audi E-tron Spyder for Paris Motor Show

The German car maker Audi is planning a fifth E-tron model, an Audi E-tron Spyder. The car is expected to be an evolution of...