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Essen 2009: Lumma E 50 CLR – E-Class W212

Lumma Design has launched a special edition based on the E-Class W212 at Essen Motor Show. The special edition includes some design changes as...

Kicherer E-Class W212 Performance

Mercedes specialist Kicherer has developed a package for the E-Class. As a basis they used a model with the AMG bodywork and refined with...

Lumma E50 CLR

Based on the recently released Mercedes-Benz W212 E-Class, the Lumma E50 CLR looks less brutal than the companies previous CLR branded tuning kits. Both...

Carlsson Previews New E-class Tuning Program

Carlsson previews their new E-class program. The official release is due to the 2009 Bodensee Tuning World auto show in Germany starting next week....