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Column: Performance Cars Have Maxed Out or Have They? – Part 2

In part 1 we discussed top speed, and part 2 finds us reviewing acceleration. If you're an avid reader of GTspirit, it's quite likely...

Video: 2011 TranStar Racing Dagger GT

TranStar Racing has finally revealed their first video of their all-American supercar. The footage does not include any real action shots, only showing some...

New Information TranStar Racing Dagger GT

TranStar Racing - the brand behind the Dagger GT - is now taking deposits for the first twelve 2011 model year production cars. A...

TranStar Racing Unveil 2000bhp Dagger GT

The Dagger GT project was recently unveiled with promises of 2000hp and a top speed of 300mph. The specifications put the Bugatti Veyron Super...