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Video: Munich Evolution BMW CSL

Munich Evolution, a one-of-a-kind automotive consignment company was “created to offer motorsport enthusiasts alternatives to standard automotive retail locations”, according to collector and founder...

BMW Presents One-Off M5 CSL

Rumours were going that BMW would drop its V10 engine, but that is now slightly invalidated because a brand new 5.5 liter V10 was...

Video: New BMW M3 CSL at Nürburgring

Last week we reported about a possible M3 CSL successor lapping the Nürburgring with a hugh spoiler on the back. The test car you...

Spyshots: BMW M3 CSL?

Have BMW caved in? Are these the first spyshots of an M3 CSL? We're not quite sure, these pictures look as though they show...