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Video: 2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Pulls a Wheelie

Drag racing is a time honoured American tradition. Ford have recently tried to capitalise on this by releasing a range of ready to race...

Official: 2013 Cobra Jet Mustang

Ford Racing has unveiled the 2013 Cobra Jet Mustang at Orlando’s Performance Racing Industry show. The Cobra Jet is a turn-key drag racer, built...

Spyshots: Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Dragstrip Monster

Ford was one of many car manufacturers that had hard times during the financial and economical crisis, but now it seems that the Americans...

Specifications 2012 Mustang Cobra Jet Revealed

The first specifications of the upcoming 2012 Mustang Cobra Jet has been revealed by a Puerto Rican Ford dealer ahead of the official debut...