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Chrysler 300C on 22 inch CV3 Vossen Wheels

2012 Chrysler 300C on 22 Inch CV3 Vossen Wheels

This is another Chrysler 300 fitted with Vossen Wheels. It features monoblock VVS-CV3 wheels sizing 22x9 inches in the front and 22x10.9 inches in...

Video: Guy Caught with a Fake Phantom

Yo man, check this out. Taking fake it till you make it to the extreme. This is the thing my man. This dude is...

Overkill: Rolls-Royce Conversion for Chrysler 300C

Autogespot have come across these photos taken in Tangier, Morocco recently showing a Chrysler 300C, converted into a Rolls-Royce Phantom look-a-like. The car has...

Overkill: Chrysler 300C Convertible

Following our post on the Hummer Convertible last week, we bring you the 300C Convertible! A large amount of work has been carried out...