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Nissan 370Z Roadster

Red Square Car Show 2013 by Cats Exotics

Cats Exotics is a car dealer in Lynnwood, Washington selling both cars and car parts, they recently attended the Red Square Car Show. It’s...
For Sale: Koenigsegg CCX Listed for $689,888 in Washington, U.S.

For Sale: Koenigsegg CCX Listed for $689,888 in Washington, US

If an supercar enthusiast doesn’t consider the following Koenigsegg CCX up for sale in Washington as a bargain at $689,888, then I better go...

Video: Red Square Charity Car Show

The annual Red Square Car Show took place last Saturday at the University of Washington in Seattle. As a collaborative effort between social fraternity...
Yellow Supercars and Models

Cars & Girls: Yellow Supercars and Models

Jason Tang recently got the chance to shoot with a set of models at Cat's Exotics, Washington. The shoot gathered a set of yellow...