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Vilner F10 BMW M5 for Kostadin Stoyanov

Official: Vilner F10 BMW 5-Series for Kostadin Stoyanov

Vilner recently completed an interior transformation for Bulgarian CSKA soccer player, Kostadin Stoyanov. Kostadin liked his F10 BMW 5-Series, but he wanted a more...

Photo Of The Day: Red Hennessey Venom GT in Bulgaria

Official GTspirit photographer Willem de Zeeuw came across a red Hennessey Venom GT during his holiday at Dinevi Marina in Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria. The...

Vilner Refines Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG Interior

Bulgarian tuner Vilner is specialized in refining the interior of sports cars. We have showed you the reviewed interior of a Chevrolet Camaro before...

Vilner Refines Interior Chevrolet Camaro

Bulgarian tuner Vilner has released a Chevrolet Camaro with a brand new interior. A Silver Ice V6 Camaro got a special treatment with respect...

Quote Challenge 2010 in Sofia

Today the Quote Challenge 2010 finishes in Istanbul after successfully crossing Eastern Europe with stops in Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Sofia. Our forum member...

Overkill: Cayenne Turbo Paintjob

Having a car re-painted, or even wrapped, is an expensive job if you want it done properly. Knowing this little fact, when we saw...