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Bugatti Galibier Once Again Delayed

More news regarding the Bugatti Galibier. The release of the four seat luxury sedan is pushed back to at least 2015. The Volkswagen Group...

Bugatti Galibier Launch Pushed Back to 2015

More news about the the Bugatti Galibier. The development of the powerful and luxury four-door saloon is once again delayed. The launch of the...

Rumours: Bugatti Galibier on Hold

Rumours have surfaced that Bugatti have halted plans to market the Galibier amid fears that it does not have the necessary halo status that...

Spotted: Bugatti 16C Galibier at Factory

Bugatti's latest family member - 16C Galibier - is the world’s fastest, highest accelerating and powerful four-door saloon powered by the Veyron’s W16 engine....

Bugatti Galibier Gets Green Light for 2013

According to Autocar, the Bugatti 16C Galibier super-saloon concept has received green light for production, following many positive reactions to the concept car. Introduced...