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Bristol GT Supercar to hit 200mph and Achieve 100mpg

British car manufacturer Bristol is currently developing a new supercar which Autocar reports will hit 200mph and achieve figures of 100mph in town. The new...
Bristol Italian AutoMoto Festival 2013

Gallery: Bristol Italian AutoMoto Festival 2013

The Bristol Italian AutoMoto Festival went down last Saturday at St Nicholas Market and the event was opened officially by Bristol’s Lord Mayor, Councillor...

Report: Bristol to Release Hybrid Supercar by End of Year

Bristol, a small English manufacturer of hand-built, limited production cars has released their plans to produce a hybrid supercar by the end of this...

Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival 2012

We've got a great set of photos from the Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival 2012 to show you thanks to GTspirit reader Nigel. The...

Bristol Cars Maybe Going Under

Bristol Cars is a manufacturer of hand-built luxury cars and instead of celebrating their 65th anniversary, they are now on the brink of going...